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And the Changes continue…

It’s been a while, tree-family, and in the time that we’ve been apart I’ve been settling into my new home It’s easy to forget how huge a move can feel when you’ve lived in one place for so long–and while I loved my time in Las Vegas, Springfield, Missouri has become a beautiful place for my roots to grow. I’ve spent time exploring the new rural landscape. It’s easy to get around, with beautiful views and little traffic, and the art and culture don’t end! There is always something accessible and exciting going on, just waiting to be discovered. 

You might remember my booth inside of Relics Antique Mall located in Springfield, MO from when I first moved this summer. I still have my physical creations set up there, where you can shop and enjoy looking at all the beautiful art. You can visit me at 205 W. Battlefield, Springfield, MO at Booth R-10. If you’re not a Missouri local, don’t worry–you can also find my artwork where it has always lived and thrived, on my Etsy and my website! There you can discover my new fall artwork along with Christmas items, cards, and bookmarks that make a perfect gift for any loved one. 

Moving forward with some more exciting news! I will be finishing an exhibit at The Coffee Ethic, located here in downtown Springfield at 124 Park Central Square. I entered two of my artworks into their second annual art-walk contest, and won third place with a piece titled “Tree Of Knowledge.” It’s been incredible to connect with the local community here while celebrating the artwork that I love. 

Continuing my fine artwork, I will be exhibiting as an active member of Fresh Gallery. I have been selected from a juried panel to be a part of this great opportunity at 401 N Boonville, Springfield, MO. But the fun doesn’t stop there–one more place I hope to show my work is a downtown Springfield bar called Mud Lounge, located at 321 E Walnut St. I hope to share my work with both of these local spots in mid-November. 

While I’m still creating in the studio, I am also working a full-time job and getting used to my new home. So as I build my portfolio and take the time that I need to create artwork that I feel proud of, I hope that you’ll join me on this ever-changing journey. You can keep up with my life and The Healing Tree Studio by signing up for my Artist Insights Newsletter

I’m so thankful to The Springfield Regional Arts Council and The Coffee Ethic for the opportunities they’ve provided, and I can’t wait to see what other exciting paths Springfield will open up for me. As we move forward into November, take this moment to be grateful for the beautiful world around you. I know that I am, and I hope you’ll celebrate with me in this happy time!