Still here…just not there

It’s been a while, everyone. As the world changes around us, with muggy heat giving way to dry sun and flowering plants blooming into emerald greenery, my life is also rapidly changing–all for the good! I have to begin by saying that it’s so great to share with all of you again, and I’m sorry for my absence. I have some exciting announcements and updates as I enter this new phase of my life, filled with positive energy and hope for the future. 

My first and maybe most thrilling announcement for all of you Healing Tree Studio friends: my Etsy shop will reopen on the first of September! And if you’ve kept up with my previous posts, you might know that I’m moving away from Las Vegas to a small town called Fordland, Missouri. I’m driving along the journey in a used cargo van, ready to embrace a new adventure and take my time enjoying the landscape along the way. 

Before saying goodbye to my desert home, I had to spend some time celebrating with the people I care about and soaking in some Vegas sun. These past few weeks were alive with wonderful connections; I saw people I lost contact with, and together we shared in celebratory events such as the new Meow Wolf, AREA15. We found ourselves in awe of the mega-complex full of interactive and immersive experiences like the art-installation Omega Mart. The fun continued during a shuffleboard night with some old friends at a local bar, as well as a combination birthday and “leaving Las Vegas” celebration. A small group of us played games and took photos in my van to make some lasting memories. I even took a tour bus to the Grand Canyon, and met some great people! As a local, I decided to do a tour for my birthday where I was picked up at Bally’s Hotel, where myself and a full bus of tourists were on our way. It was a two and a half-hour drive, with about three and a half-hours of viewing from two different spots and then back to Vegas. Finally, I was able to visit Utah again at my friend Bethany’s cabin. It was another fantastic trip spent relaxing and doing some drawing with Bethany.

As you’re reading this post, I’ve left Vegas and I’m already traversing through the Midwest and Southern states. I have decided to explore as much as the southern towns and cities as possible, and I’m stopping at any art galleries, and shops that catch my eye. My planned stops include Gallup and Albuquerque, New Mexico and Amarillo, Texas. Then I plan to visit Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

At last, my new home awaits about 40 minutes from the Springfield, Missouri area. Once I arrive and settle in, I will set up shop and have a physical location inside an Antique and Artists’ Mall named Relic’s Antiques located in Springfield, Mo. You can stop by and visit me at 205 W. Battlefield, Springfield, Mo. On another exciting note, I want to share that I’ll be creating a different website for some new and alternative artwork under the name Jeffrey Locke Artist. These works will branch off from my traditional tree-based work and enter a more abstract atmosphere. In the coming months, I will have a website presence and some gallery displays for this brand new work. 

This summer has been one for the books, spent wrapping things up with friends and my business and saying goodbye after 28 years of being in the desert. But farewells don’t have to be sad–I’m bringing my beautiful memories along the way as I move toward change and joy. 

It’s time to be among nature, tree-friends. I hope you’ll take this journey with me.